Monday, October 5, 2009

kevin george

illustrator - designer - storyteller

These days I'm busy working on
my own projects,which is lotsa fun .. and I do illustrations for
" special " clients.

Most of my work is directed to childrens illustration. I'll add more corporate soon.

As a creative thinker, I can bring ideas to the table for discussion, if required. I especially like humor in design. Enjoy your visit to
" kevingeorge-design "

need a special character
.Like what you see, but need a special character for your purpose ?
We will work with you to achieve maximum effect for you  -

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briz city vector image

in development

childrens illustration - Jo and Newton on top

Jo and newton on top

chat time

Jo umbrella jumping

newton barking at Jo

the floating worlds project


1. the image that got me started on the whole bigsky project

2. wild beast parachuting

3. wild beast stuck on a floating island

4. in another part of  bigskyworld  the monks are enjoying a spot of trampoline jumping !

floating world tees

astro with 3 moon

" Bolt " in black 

" Bolt " in yellow green


more about " Bolt "
Looking at Bolt he just looks like he could cause trouble. He's not really an evil character, just naughty.  He throws bolts of course ( as if you hadn't guessed ) and he can travel at lightning speed. In fact, he can travel almost instantly between one location and another, no matter how far the distance. So he can be a real nuisance to have around. Bolt is part of the stories and mythologies for Bigskyworld.

trampoline jumping tee

Sunday, October 4, 2009

designs for wall decals

Ive gotten excited recently by the creative potential in wall decals, for humor, spatial play, and even some storytelling.

Here are some examples,


 " Bird waiting by door "


" longdog "

" leaping ninja "

the briz city project - watercolors

relaxed student taking a stroll

briz city folks - colorful girl
Stones Corner

briz city . boy on bus

He was so self possessed listening to his walkman, his face almost completely hidden by his hair, completing and protecting his private world.

I sketch on the run, and refine drawings later in my studio.

when big meets small

" when big meets small "

inspirational color sketch
( mixed media )

bigsky colorsketch 1

colorsketch 1

these are original " bigsky " inspirational sketches ( not prints )
mixed media - signed, and dated on back.

sports silhouetts in vectors

tennis guy

soccer kick

soccer header

skater guy

following are a bunch of vector designs suitable for children

bigsky island with rocket



another crazy critter in bigskyworld doing an insane umbrella leap. Its a popular passtime there.

elephant on island


bird dance

" pick me up !

leaping Ninja ..

energetic jumping creature

Zak ripping along on his go-kart.
Some serious driving here ! Howszat for being airborne !




beware the fox !

 mr bear

Mr duck


little boy ninja bub

little boy ninja bub ..
doing a leap off the ground. Actually he can leap higher than this.

I can see the action in my mind, hear the sound effects, see how fast and slow it is. Think of the Mario leap on a Nintendo 64, sudden and straight up !


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